Cool Thing O’ the Week: Workaway

Sadly many of us assume we are too poor to live up to the glory of our travel Pinterest boards.

However, lucky for the broke drifters of the world, there are many ways to cut out travel expenses. One of the best ways to do this is to work in a hostel. The benefits are two-fold: not only do most of these opportunities offer free lodging, they also offer incredible opportunities to connect with people.

There are bunches of websites devoted to telling the stories of people who worked in hostels, but not a lot dedicated to actually finding work. To make matters more complicated, many European hostels only accept people with a European passport or work permit. Because of this, the months before leaving for Europe I spent hours in front of my computer, trying to find somewhere to stay for two months.

I had stumbled across Workaway a couple of times but didn’t want to pay for the initial fee. My fiance finally signed me up and footed the twenty bucks while I was bumming with friends in England. It was totally worth it, in a short time I had a place to work in Kosovo (Buffalo Backpackers).

Workaway has an incredible setup, you choose where you want to go and can look at reviews left by other workers. The opportunities offered vary beyond just working at hostels, you can teach English to children or help out in gardens. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure but doesn’t have any money. The website is

(in speaking of travel blogs, check out my European travel Pinterest board with photos taken by yours truly)

Pinterest: Doodle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I have been uploading my work to Pinterest slowly and started a public profile to consolidate the work. Check it out here!

During the month of January I am taking an intensive three-week class. The class involves three hour class periods every day and six hours of homework daily. Ahhhhh! But, bright side, the lectures are long so I have time to draw in the margins, thus the birth of my latest Pinterest board.


Cool Thing o’ the Week: Postmodern Jukebox

A friend of mine told me a couple of years ago about Postmodern Jukebox. I never got a chance to listen to the band until last spring when a client showed me PMJ’s version of All About That Bass.

Immediately I was struck by this group of people who cover modern songs in an old-fashioned style. As a fan of swing dancing, old musicals, and quirky music groups I was immediately hooked by the group. They cover songs from Madonna to Celine Dion.

Check out their YouTube channel or their website, you won’t be disappointed. s

Current Project: Alyona’s Eyes

Read my previous post on Alyona’s Eyes here.

Alyona’s Eyes has reached the editing phase. The Soviet-themed movie has come out to be roughly twenty minutes of intense footage. I have been working with the writer/director/editor (Christian Yonkers) to help him finish up the rough cut. He has truly impressed me with his quick editing abilities. The score was just finished a couple days ago, so we are shaping up to be done in time for the premiere at SAU’s Will Shoot For Credit event.

The link to watch Alyona’s Eyes will be posted soon, as well as an update on its reception at the event!

Lingerie Shopping in China

Traveling to China? My main tip: hit up the lingerie shops.

If you’re a woman, hit them up for yourself. If you’re a man, be a true gentleman and go for the women in your life.

The first draw to lingerie in China is its price. I was in Shenzen, China (a city on the mainland by Hong Kong) and buying bras was about the equivalent of 20 U.S. dollars. As any American woman can tell you, this is a phenomenal deal. The panties came to about five dollars.

The second draw is the quality. The bras are actually made to support women. The straps are thick, not the thin spaghetti-like pieces of fabric Americans expect to hold up their breasts, and the straps on the back have three to four hooks. When I returned to America and bragged about my bras to my friends they were so excited they scoured the internet for access to bras like this – honestly, us ladies just want proper support! Get with it, Victoria’s Secret.

The third draw is how beautiful the bras are! Look at these:

Buying any number of fancy bras like this in America is likely to break the bank, but in China they were incredibly affordable, and there was a large variety; the walls are literally lined floor-to ceiling with beautiful brassieres (I still regret that the electric green bras didn’t come in my size).

The fourth draw is the beautiful non-thong panties. Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal of a pretty G-string, but for just regular everyday wear I want something comfortable that doesn’t make me feel like a granny. Almost every bra in this store came with a matching set of panties. They had lacey panties, see-through panties, panties with netting, and nary a G-string in sight. It was wonderful and freeing, particularly as pretty American underthings seem to be shrinking by the day.

The one drawback to the lingerie in China is its size. Women in China, as a rule, are smaller than American women, so not everyone can find their size in these shops. However, if you are an especially slender woman, these shops will be a boon to you. I am a teeny woman, and my ribcage is too small to fit American bras, which is incredibly frustrating. I need at least a 30inch around for a bra and the smallest most American stores go to is a 32inch.

(please forgive the low-quality photos, I only had my iphone 4s with me and I took quick pics…)


Our haul at the end of the day…stocking up on lingerie that’s made for real women!


My cousin doesn’t know what to do with that particular pocket…


Huge variety of underthings! See the racks of panties underneath too?

My New Portfolio!!

I’ve been hard at work developing a website for my portfolio on Wix. It has easier access to my films, photos, and blog posts on travel and other fun things!

I’ll still be posting on wordpress, but my website has a couple new features like:

A page featuring my better-quality film projects.

An updated gallery of my photos from Europe and America and my art projects.

A contact page with more info on how to contact me.

Links to my social accounts.


Just a prettier layout.

So check it out! The web address is

….still workin’ on funds for my own domain…

Cool Thing o’ The Week: Lynnie Girl

My cool thing of the week is a YouTube channel which is just starting up.

Lynnie Girl is a comedic YouTuber who satirically approaches modern topics (check out her video on Black Friday) with a positive twist. Her videos are just a few minutes long, but have you laughing right away with her antics and general clumsiness. The show seems like what a more innocent Jess (from New Girl) would make if she had a YouTube channel.

Lynnie Girl also has a FB page and a fashion-themed Instagram account.