One Epic Eclipse Trip

One Epic Eclipse Trip Heat and lots of hippies. These were my first impressions of Ferne Clyffe park, the location we had elected to drive eight hours to totality. I slept most of the way down, my mom, ever the matriarch, driving our SUV overflowing with people across Southern Michigan and through Indiana. After eight... Continue Reading →


Three Flights, Two Layovers

The wire of the bench pressed into me as I shifted to move my arm draped over my backpack. A British (or Australian, or South African) couple chatted by me. For a second I realized how bummish I looked, and then decided I didn’t care. I was on the first layover of a trip that... Continue Reading →

I Love Lansing Video Film Shoot

Some would say a giant lugnut is not noteworthy. Indeed, my DP dubbed it “incredibly underwhelming”, but it is one of Lansing’s claims to fame. Thus is my challenge. If you google ‘World’s Biggest Lugnut’ Lansing Michigan will pop into your browser, along with a blog post from 2007 and pictures of this national marvel... Continue Reading →

I Love Lansing Film Project

I live in the most perfect place. This is a simple fact. I grew up on a farm, but the city of Lansing was close which gave me the perfect combination of country and city life. Lansing holds a special place in my heart. It is the capital of my beloved Michigan, but is much... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips 101

While I have not been traveling for very long (my first time on a jet plane was a year ago), I have traveled very far. Last March I spent over two weeks in Shenzen, China and last summer I spent three months roaming Europe and Britain (spending extensive time in Kosovo and England). I backpacked... Continue Reading →

Mural Work in Kosovo

As mentioned before in my post on Workaway, I spent six weeks volunteering at a hostel in Kosovo. I'll post more on the actual city on a later date, but I want to dedicate this post to one of my tasks while I was there - painting a mural on the outdoor bar. Buffalo Backpackers,... Continue Reading →

Lingerie Shopping in China

Traveling to China? My main tip: hit up the lingerie shops. If you're a woman, hit them up for yourself. If you're a man, be a true gentleman and go for the women in your life. The first draw to lingerie in China is its price. I was in Shenzen, China (a city on the... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Paris

Halfway through May 2016, a homesick girl landed in the Paris after an eight-hour overseas flight from Detroit. That girl spent her first few hours in Paris on the top of a boat cruising the river Seine. That Paris was the city of light was immediately apparent, as was that it was the city of... Continue Reading →


After the rush and bustle of Paris, my school group took a break in small, picaresque town of Bayeux. The people here were incredibly kind, and took life at a more leisurely pace than their Parisian counterparts. Bayeux's main claim to fame is that it is home to the Bayeux Tapestry. This ancient relic depicts... Continue Reading →


Of all the cities in France, my favorite was Strasbourg. Right on the border of France and Germany, Strasbourg is an incredible hub for travelers. People sleeping in backpacks on the edge of the river, dread-locked backpackers with dogs, obvious was definitely my kind of place. My favorite aspect to Strasbourg was probably the... Continue Reading →

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