Film Noir Shoot

My latest project, which I'm very excited about is a short video I am completing for one of my last film classes. My original plan was to film a short in a car, but underestimated the difficulty of doing this without a steady cam. Due to time constraints, I threw together a quick film noir... Continue Reading →


Notre Dame Paris

Halfway through May 2016, a homesick girl landed in the Paris after an eight-hour overseas flight from Detroit. That girl spent her first few hours in Paris on the top of a boat cruising the river Seine. That Paris was the city of light was immediately apparent, as was that it was the city of... Continue Reading →

Christian Yonkers Musician Pics

Christian Yonkers is a local musician with an incredible voice and indie style. He has been performing for a while and is considering developing an online presence for his music, so decided to get a jump on some pictures while the leaves are still on the trees. He has a gig coming up in a... Continue Reading →


By far my favorite woodland subject is mushrooms. The woods behind my university are filled with them this time of year. Last Sunday I was able to venture out into the fall sunshine and spend my day getting leaf mold in my hair, laying in awkward angles to get  the shot I want of these... Continue Reading →


After the rush and bustle of Paris, my school group took a break in small, picaresque town of Bayeux. The people here were incredibly kind, and took life at a more leisurely pace than their Parisian counterparts. Bayeux's main claim to fame is that it is home to the Bayeux Tapestry. This ancient relic depicts... Continue Reading →


As a bit of a rebel-child I have a problem sometimes reconciling myself with the idea that I am an American. I am a citizen of one of the most powerful countries in the world which has culturally taken over almost every other country. While in China I frequently heard American songs on the radio... Continue Reading →


Of all the cities in France, my favorite was Strasbourg. Right on the border of France and Germany, Strasbourg is an incredible hub for travelers. People sleeping in backpacks on the edge of the river, dread-locked backpackers with dogs, obvious was definitely my kind of place. My favorite aspect to Strasbourg was probably the... Continue Reading →

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