Cool Thing O’ the Week: Workaway

Sadly many of us assume we are too poor to live up to the glory of our travel Pinterest boards.

However, lucky for the broke drifters of the world, there are many ways to cut out travel expenses. One of the best ways to do this is to work in a hostel. The benefits are two-fold: not only do most of these opportunities offer free lodging, they also offer incredible opportunities to connect with people.

There are bunches of websites devoted to telling the stories of people who worked in hostels, but not a lot dedicated to actually finding work. To make matters more complicated, many European hostels only accept people with a European passport or work permit. Because of this, the months before leaving for Europe I spent hours in front of my computer, trying to find somewhere to stay for two months.

I had stumbled across Workaway a couple of times but didn’t want to pay for the initial fee. My fiance finally signed me up and footed the twenty bucks while I was bumming with friends in England. It was totally worth it, in a short time I had a place to work in Kosovo (Buffalo Backpackers).

Workaway has an incredible setup, you choose where you want to go and can look at reviews left by other workers. The opportunities offered vary beyond just working at hostels, you can teach English to children or help out in gardens. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure but doesn’t have any money. The website is

(in speaking of travel blogs, check out my European travel Pinterest board with photos taken by yours truly)


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