Notre Dame Paris


Halfway through May 2016, a homesick girl landed in the Paris after an eight-hour overseas flight from Detroit. That girl spent her first few hours in Paris on the top of a boat cruising the river Seine. That Paris was the city of light was immediately apparent, as was that it was the city of love, marked by the couples dotting the banks of the river in the twilight.

The only picture that turned out as I froze in the chilly evening air was this shot of the back of Notre Dame. I ended up getting a cold from jet lag and the exposure to the wind and chill of an unseasonably cold Parisian May, but this picture forever documents the first night of my European adventure.

Side note: for all of you traveling to Paris I highly recommend the Generator Hostel. I spent two whole days holed up in one of their rooms watching Friends as I nursed myself back to health and was astounded by their clean, affordable establishment. The food in the cafe is expensive, but also yummy and convenient. Also, there’s a Franprix (a French grocery-type store) across the Place du Colonel Fabien, which is the square the hostel is located in. Also on the Place is a metro station…and don’t even get me started on the wonders of the Parisian metro…my biggest disappointment in America is our lack of cheap, safe metro travel that features the notes of trumpet players and jazz singers echoing through the underground hallways.


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