Sex Talks

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Last winter I needed to create an entry to a film festival for a class I was taking. In the cracks of my crazy schedule (I was finishing up Death at the Opera) I found time to create this short film for a festival I had found online.

I called six of my friends into the studio and interviewed them about the first time they heard about sex, and gaffes authority figures had made while awkwardly trying to side-step words like penis and vagina. The results were hilarious. I cut them together late one night between questions from my film composer for D.A.T.O., who was working on that piece next to me.

I ended up missing the deadline for the film festival, but we padded the time of our yearly film event at my college with Sex Talks. The audience loved it…about as much as they loved D.A.T.O, which I had poured an enormous amount of time into…

Sex Talks went on to three different short films, the Tecumseh Cabin Fever Film Festival, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Michigan Chapter Student Production Awards, and the Royal Starr Film Festival. It won the grand prize at the Tecumseh Cabin Fever Film Festival.

Beyond this, Mlive wrote a story on the piece. They quoted me directly, and so I sound like my typical scatter-brained self, but I was still incredibly honored.

Of all of the film festivals Sex Talks was featured at, I was most honored by the Royal Starr Festival which was an international event showcased at Emagine Theater in Royal Oak.

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