Of all the cities in France, my favorite was Strasbourg. Right on the border of France and Germany, Strasbourg is an incredible hub for travelers. People sleeping in backpacks on the edge of the river, dread-locked backpackers with dogs, obvious Euro-drifters…it was definitely my kind of place.

My favorite aspect to Strasbourg was probably the streets, which were all cobbled. The fascinating thing about this city is its German influence. I actually spent twenty minutes in Germany, crossing the bridge long enough to get some rocks for my worldwide rock collection (Eastern Europe, Western Europe, China, and America so far!) The city has drifted back and forth between the two countries as the boundaries changed.

Notable things that happened in this city: I went to church in the crypt of the Notre Dame of Strasbourg, I won a stuffed Alsace stork in a scavenger hunt, and I got caught in a hail storm.


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