As a bit of a rebel-child I have a problem sometimes reconciling myself with the idea that I am an American. I am a citizen of one of the most powerful countries in the world which has culturally taken over almost every other country. While in China I frequently heard American songs on the radio in English despite the amount of talented Chinese artists that exist. It made me slightly furious to realize that my country had so influenced

However, I must admit I experienced a lot of national pride during my time in Normandy. My group from college had the privilege to go on an incredible tour of WWII sites. The guide was very respectful to all people who fought in the war, but focused on stories of valiant Americans who laid down their lives.

While in the area, we visited Pointe du Hoc, a German fort which was attacked during the D-day invasion (the pic with the fence post), Struthof concentration camp (the pic with the barbed wire), a town which had a skirmish (the pic of the fence, the dent is from a bullet), and a number of other significant sites.


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